Will there be different groups formed in these meets based on any criteria

No, We will not discriminate based on ANY criteria. However, due to requests from attendees and the community, we will separate the attendees into different groups based on age, in the interest of not overwhelming attendees. The person attending should be eligible to attend with a confirmed registration.

What does it cost to attend an event?

The event is sponsored by donors from the Hindu community or local chapter volunteers, hence is completely free of charge to all its attendees.However, we welcome any and all cash/check/Credit Card donation. You can send the check  to the following address

Attention:  Hindu Vivah

Name of Check: Hindu Vivah

14016 Hughes Lane, Dallas, TX 75254

You can also donate through PayPal, check for link on front page

Can I bring a non-participating Chaperone/friend or sibling along?

Yes, only if you absolutely need a person to come along with you. Please note that they will not be allowed to enter the main event hall.  They will have to wait in the lounge area if available outside of main event.

What is the format of the meet?

The attendees will be given a unique Identification Number, and could then be divided into various age groups (depending on the spread of the ages of attendees). They will then meet every person of the opposite gender in their group for 2-4 minutes. This will be prefaced or followed by, approximately an hour long social over refreshments. Before exiting, each attendee will indicate who they wish to follow up with by informing us of that person’s Identification Number. If there is a match from both sides, we will forward each other’s contact information to that pair, after which they are on their own to pursue and explore a match on their own terms. It works better for all involved if attendees do not exchange each other’s contact information during the event.

Can I attend this event multiple times ?

Yes, you have to register again for the specific event for that date/city. We would suggest attending the event at the different location.

How many total guys and gals do you allow per event?

We select a place based on how many have registered. We can handle large groups, as long as they registered in advance 

What does it cost to attend an event?

The event is sponsored by donors from the Hindu community, hence is completely free of charge to all its attendees. However, we welcome any and all cash/check/Credit Card donation. You can send the check  to the following address

Can I do Volunteer Work ?

Yes, fill in volunteer form and let us know where you can help

Do you provide any other support ?

This effort is to support our community and we can provide guidance and support as needed. Please contact local chapter coordinator if you need additional support

Is Vivah a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization?

Not, Right now. But it is being registered

What should I wear? What is the dress Code

Smart business casual or Indian dress which projects your right image. First impression is last impression, dress smartly.

Men: Indian ethnic clothes or Business Casual. Business Casual for men is a shirt with a collar, khakis or dress pants, and dress shoes.

Women:  Indian Clothes (Saree, Salwar Kameez etc) or Business Casual. Business Casual for women is a dress, skirt, and blouse, or dress pants and blouse, along with dress shoes.

Please do NOT wear very casual clothing, that is, shorts, jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, sneakers.

Who should I contact If I have a question?
Please Contact local event coordinator through email or phone. Please check event flyer it has an email address and phone number for the local chapter. Formal is simple <cityName>@hinduvivah.org

I have registered but I have not got any confirmation

We send confirmation few days before the event. We send an email and SMS confirmation please make sure that you are checking your email  and spam folder

Can I bring my friend who has not registered for the event?

You can, however, we can not guarantee that he or she will be able to participate in the event. We have fixed number of seats and if the event is full they will not be allowed to participate

I was asked to confirm my attendance through RSVP, Why?

Please note that all Hindu Vivah events are supported by volunteers. We put time and effort to make sure it serves our community. We ask for RSVP confirmation so that we have maximum participation.  If you have registered and for some reason, you are not able to attend the event. Please send email to local coordinator, so that we can allocate your seat to someone else.

I participated in the event and have not got any matches?

It takes 2 to 3 days to tabulate results and send emails.

I will be traveling to the event from another city. Where should I stay? Do you have any recommendations

It is up to you to make your travel / stay decisions. We do not make any recommendations. It is entirely up to you

We cannot also guarantee  any matches or any specific outcome